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COLTECOM's service offerings are modular and scalable allowing customers to customise the service they require today and in the future. Supporting business critical, high availability system requirements, customers can enhance and upgrade Base offerings, such as Hardware and Software Maintenance or Support Line through additional service offerings such as Enhanced Technical Support, Warranty/ Maintenance Service Upgrade and Committed Services (where available).

COLTECOM Maintenance and
Technical Support Services (MTSS) can help you maintain higher availability and IT performance with integrated maintenance and technical support for multivendor hardware and software solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of services is designed to help you resolve problems more quickly—or even prevent problems before they occur—and to protect your IT environment during both warranty and post-warranty periods. Whether you want to upgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we offer highly skilled technicians who can provide around-the-clock remote or onsite support with a single point of contact. Our services are backed up by an extensive parts network and service-level options designed to be flexible enough to meet your specific business needs.

We can help simplify your technical support strategy through single-point-of-contact services for COLTECOM
and non-COLTECOM equipment, enhanced service levels and managed support options. We can even become the technical support organization for products that you manufacture and sell.

If you need support for a single device or small number of devices, the COLTECOM
® Doctor de Computadores® Selector Tool can help you find the right Service for your business. For larger environments, explore the links below for more details on our services. The videos on the right can help you learn more about MTSS.

Your IT infrastructure is critical to keeping your business running. Learn more about the benefits of having COLTECOM
on your team by exploring the topics below.

IT maintenance
IT maintenance for server, storage and network devices leverage onsite and remote support to help you cut your costs and boost performance

IT support solutions

Simplify support with single-source, integrated services for IBM and third-party hardware and software solutions that were purchased through COLTECOM

Managed IT support

Simplify support for multivendor environments, with comprehensive, integrated services

Technical support appliance
Access robust analytics-based recommendations to help optimize your IT systems availability

Software support services
Software support services, either onsite or remote, can prevent outages, accelerate issue resolution and meet service level requirements

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