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Banks safeguard money and provide loans, credit, and payment services such as checking accounts, debit cards, and cashier's checks. Banks also may offer investment and insurance products. As a variety of models for cooperation and integration among finance industries have emerged, some of the traditional distinctions between banks, insurance companies, and securities firms have diminished. In spite of these changes, banks continue to maintain and perform their primary role—accepting deposits and lending money.

Banking solutions

Customer care & insight
    • Customer information
    • Customer insight
    • Customer interaction

Back office
    • Back office overview
    • Core systems
    • Payments

Integrated risk management
    • Integrated risk management overview
    • Financial risk
    • Financial crimes
    • Ops & IT risk
    • Governance & compliance

Thought Leadership
Research, analysis and perspectives explore banking industry issues

To grow and prosper in today's ever-changing world, banks too must change. They need to transform themselves by moving beyond the status quo and any associated organizational silos, infrastructure complexities and other constraints - and toward an operation centered on the client.

How will banks achieve this transformation to become the bank of tomorrow? Based on our most recent banking industry research, surveys and interviews, we believe that sophisticated insight is a key differentiator. This conclusion is a natural evolution from our prior research studies on themes relating to globalization, simplification and specialization.

To succeed in the new economic environment, banks must not only avoid excessive risks, but also rebuild and strengthen client trust and mindshare. Smart banks in both emerging and mature markets should invest in sophisticated insight to specialize their operations and offer products and services at prices that are aligned with their clients' needs. Specifically, banks should leverage their insights to better manage risk, become more client centric, and enhance operations by reducing or avoiding complexity.

While mature market banks should focus on eliminating complexity and reducing costs, banks in emerging markets need to diversify their income sources, while maintaining costs. And banks worldwide need to invest in analytics to help them specialize operations and deliver superior products and services that best meet their clients' needs.
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