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Information Governance, organizations need to establish a solid foundation.
  • Quality – Do you trust your information? Will higher quality data help leaders make better decisions?
  • Security and Privacy – 95 percent of external attaches are targeting data. Organizations need to protect it from both authorized and unauthorized users to support compliance.
  • Lifecycle management – Does your organization have a strategy for managing information throughout its lifecycle? By governing information properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to deliver competitive offerings to the market faster and support business goals with less risk.
  • Standards – Does your organization have the right pieces in place to support an information governance program? Standard processes, technologies, metrics and communication are critical.

Information Governance solutions provide you with the capability to:
  • Deliver trusted information for greater insight and smarter decisions that are more aligned to business goals
  • Eliminate wasted time and cost associated with managing information by automating information governance practices
  • Ensure information remains protected, high quality and cost effective throughout its lifecycle, across your IT landscape
  • Align information to business requirements – so that the organization gets the information it needs exactly when it needs it
  • Ensure compliance with legal, industry and corporate mandates.

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