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SOLUTIONRAD ERP. Your business depends on data. Is your legacy system up to the task? SolutionRAD ERP's next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications for midsize organizations offer enterprise-class technology at an affordable price and available via an accelerated deployment using SolutionRAD Business Accelerators. SolutionRAD Business Accelerators are powerful, cloud-based rapid implementation tools to get you up and running quickly and reliably. With SolutionRAD, you can leverage proven best practices to optimize business processes, reduce costs, and respond more quickly to changing market conditions.

Flexible, open, and scalable, SolutionRAD ERP solutions provide a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. If you need to get up and running quickly, SolutionRAD's ERP solutions can be implemented rapidly with SolutionRAD ERP solution from expert partners that are based on SolutionRAD Business Solutions.

SolutionRAD ERP Solutions for Midsize Companies
Enterprise-Class Applications, Implementation Simplicity and Expert Partner

enables midsize companies and government entities to benefit from the power, security, and functionality of Coltecom's enterprise—class applications-at a fraction of the cost.

By working with SolutionRAD
Solution Partners, you can choose flexible and affordable IT solutions that are industry-specific and easy to buy, install, and maintain. And because our partners are technology experts who understand the needs of your industry, your SolutionRAD ERP solution can be implemented in weeks, not months or years.

The Functionality You Need Today

offers the broadest and deepest range of ERP solutions, addressing all key business functions, including human resources, manufacturing, financial management, business intelligence, and supply chain management-all backed with Coltecom's industry-leading technology. SolutionRAD ERP solutions enables you to integrate all your organizational data into one comprehensive environment to streamline operations and improve decision-making with real-time data.

That Grows with Your Business

Your business probably doesn't need the complete range of functionality available in a typical ERP suite. No problem. Offered in a modular format, SolutionRAD
ERP solutions enable you to choose the modules you need today, adding more capabilities as your business grows.

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