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Energy and environment

Smarter buildings

Integrating physical and digital infrastructures
to reduce energy, optimize space and lower operating costs.

Smarter buildings: Integrated energy and facilities operations

Worldwide, buildings consume 42% of all electricity—more than any other asset. By 2025, buildings will be the largest emitters of greenhouse gases on our planet. In the United States alone, buildings produce 38% of green-house gas emissions. So how can we make our buildings smarter?

's smarter buildings solution capabilities give facilities managers and real estate executives the tools to better manage facility energy and space utilization, reduce operating costs, and prepare for new lease accounting standards that will have a major impact on most organizations.

solutions for Smarter Buildings also help customers achieve their environmental sustainability goals through key tactics and strategies that help them get there.

Employing a smarter buildings strategy can help your organization reduce energy use by up to 50%, and increase facilities utilization by up to 85%. In a world where employees are spending less time in the office and more time in alternative workplaces, a smarter buildings strategy can also enhance employee productivity up to 18%. And as a result, costs decline. Isn't it time you made your buildings smarter?

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