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Virtually every aspect of your business is vulnerable to disruption. Some continuity issues could take your business offline for days, but even minutes of downtime can prove costly. And the risk to your business’ reputation is even greater. With so much at stake, you need a trusted business partner with a proven track record. COLTECOM is a leader in business continuity and resiliency services. Our proven business continuity and disaster recovery methods can help you maintain continuous business operations, manage costs, and improve overall resiliency.

What does business resiliency mean to your business?

The next business disruption is not a matter of if but when. COLTECOM
business continuity and resiliency services help you to anticipate and plan for the wide range of issues that can affect business continuity, so you can maintain business operations no matter the circumstances. With COLTECOM business continuity and resiliency services your organization can successfully:

  •    Mitigate risk

  •    Protect brand and revenue

  •    Protect capital

  •    Reduce costs

  •    Improve service

Design and implement a more effective resiliency strategy with COLTECOM

Business continuity management
Reduce risks and improve availability while controlling operational expenses.

Disaster recovery
Safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity, and limit financial losses during an outage.

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of potential risk.

Planning and design
Improve your resilience capabilities with cost-optimized business and IT strategic planning and design

Cloud disaster recovery
Unleash the power of COLTECOM
’s cloud disaster recovery services to manage resiliency across your enterprise

Implementation and testing
Execute, test, and validate disaster recovery and continuity plans on an ongoing basis

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