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Remote Publishing to LED Signage via SMS

Industries such as transportation or finance often use LED signage to present information, such as traffic congestion information or real-time stock quotes. Cellular technology can allow such messaging and communication for previously untapped, hard-to-wire locations, such as on highways and on buildings. Message display can be controlled in real-time from a remote monitoring location. A Coltecom Scrugged M1000 Smart GPRS Modem can be used for simple setups that do not require advanced computing functions.

Robustel’s proprietary SMS Direct has the following features:
1. Transparently converts serial data to short message or vise versa without using AT Commands.
2. Text, binary, and Unicode formats are supported.
3. Verification of Incoming Caller ID is implemented to block uncertified users.
4. The configuration profile can be easily stored, and then copied to other modems.

Possible Applications:
Update the message on a highway LED signage display panel
Place refill orders for vending machines
Handle maintenance for remote rental equipment
Create SMS alarm for legacy device

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