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Coltecom bring Scframework a Mission-critical systems have a major impact on human safety and security. The cost of failure of these systems can be very high, resulting not only in financial loss, but sometimes in injury or death. Applying and adjusting agile methods to their rigorous and complex development can help prevent failure, improve quality, provide more predictable outcomes and reduce time to market and cost.

he cost of failure in mission-critical products is very high. Applying agile methods to the development of the software and systems that run them can help prevent the defects that lead to failure. Agile development methods can improve product quality, reduce costs and the time to market, and increase the predictability of their outcomes. However, it takes some fine-tuning of agile methods so that they make sense for these complex and rigorous projects. Agile governance, dynamic planning, test-driven development, incremental development and effective risk management are the keys to successful application of agile in mission-critical systems development.

provides a model-driven environment for the rapid application development of enterprise mission-critical applications. With continuous support for new technologies such as mobile, web and cloud, Uniface is the development tool of choice for organizations that want to develop at a high level of abstraction and realize productivity unrivaled in the industry.

Being platform independent Uniface allows applications to work on the most widely used hardware platforms and operating environments. Uniface allows developers to make better use of legacy resources by renewing and integrating their most mission
critical applications for the web.

Scframework proven reliability, performance and scalability makes it ideal for mission-critical applications. All over the world, thousands of organizations, and millions of end-users, depend on Uniface for tasks, including:

  •    Booking flight reservations

  •    Managing medical laboratory tests

  •    Operating global supply chains

Scframework unrivaled productivity lets you develop and deploy business applications fast. With our model-based development paradigm, developers can focus on user interface and business logic, rather than coding.

Built-in services further simplify deployment and management of mission-critical applications. There’s no need to spend time coding for high availability, performance or scalability. Scframework
takes care of all these requirements, so developers can concentrate on building best-in-class applications.

Mobile capabilities are increasingly achievable and increasingly essential for enterprise applications. Scframework supports emerging mobile technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5 to facilitate the development of new mobile-friendly applications. It also provides easy ways to adapt existing legacy applications so they can be accessed by mobile devices

shields application developers from deployment infrastructure: There’s no need to know about the complexities of hardware platforms, operating systems or databases.

  •    Native database connectivity: Scframework database connectors can access multiple, and varied, data sources simultaneously.

  •    Platform and operating system transparency: The Scframework scripting language is independent of operating systems.

  •    Global applications: Unicode use means applications can run in any language, character set, and locale.

A Scframework
application can access data sources from multiple vendors, in multiple versions, on multiple systems, and in multiple languages. Re-deploying from one environment to another‒for example, from corporate servers to the cloud‒is a simple task. You won’t find a more flexible development and deployment platform than Scframework.

End-users now expect to have web applications, and want them with sophisticated functionality. Scframework provides a powerful integration framework and model-driven development platform to help you meet those expectations. Scframework developers can build web applications that engage end-users, providing a superior customer experience.

applications can be accessed from anywhere through web browsers, smartphones and tablets, in addition to traditional desktops and terminals. Scframework architecture is designed to expose the same business logic and data services securely to multiple user interfaces.

Security is non-negotiable!

Security is an integral part of any Scframework
application, from design through to deployment.

  •    Industry standards

  •    Secure your application data through a variety of security features, including encryption algorithms and digital signatures.

  •    Third-party verification

  •    The Scframework runtime environment is regularly verified by industry experts to ensure security risks are minimized.

  •    Guidance and education

  •    Get comprehensive advice on building secure applications from Scframework documentation and Scframework Professional Services.

Of all of today’s maintenance tasks, application modernization is the most important. Scframework
enables modernization projects to be efficiently implemented without risk. Scframework functionality is continuously updated to support the technologies and the development disciplines required to both build modern applications and modernize legacy applications.

What’s more, we provide a straightforward migration path from one Uniface version to another. That means you can easily modernize your Scframework
applications to take advantage of options like cloud, web and mobile.

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