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System Networking for the Smarter Data Center
System Networking solutions are designed for complex workloads that are tuned for performance, virtualization and massive scale. For the Smarter Data Center in the modern era, we understand that infrastructure matters.

Responsive -- Automate virtualization for dynamic data centers

Advanced network virtualization capabilities reduce the cost and complexity of deploying physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Simplified -- Accelerate deployment keep pace with complexity

We take an interoperable, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in today’s high-speed, converged data center network designs with optimized applications and integrated systems.

Adaptive -- Fortify system resiliency and harness big data

Networking is part of a software defined environment for fast provisioning and scalability with enhanced security.

“Infrastructure Matters” -- On a Smarter Planet, enterprise data centers and system networks must be Responsive, Simplified and Adaptive.

Today's data center operators and IT professionals demand smarter networking built for cloud, big data and optimized workloads where “Infrastructure Matters.” Modern-era data centers and IT operations require Responsive, Simplified and Adaptive system networks to harness today’s innovations in Expert Integrated Systems, Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization. Our Networking Solutions are designed to power massively scalable workloads, such as public and private clouds, big data and analytics, financial services, and a wide range of high performance computing and highly virtualized applications.

  • Responsive -- interoperable, scalable and highly virtualized system networking

  • Simplified -- Speed and agility for real-time business and big data

  • Adaptive -- Resilient, reliable and secure networking for optimized workloads and cloud


  •    Software Defined Networking

  •    Convergence

  •    HPC

  •    Hyperscale

  •    IBM Power Systems

  •    Intelligent Traffic Management and Distribution

  •    PODs

  •    Smart Analytics

  •    Server Virtualization

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