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Asset Recovery Solutions
Environmentally-sound, hassle-free disposal of used equipment


COLTECOM can manage your IT disposal responsibilities and thereby mitigate your risk, cut your costs and eliminate the hassles and stress that surround asset disposal.

What we offer?

's Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS), with many years' experience of managing the IT assets of COLTECOM on a massive scale, fully understands these needs and can help you deal with disposal in a much more affordable, more manageable and more flexible way.

GARS Asset Recovery Solutions enables you to dispose of your defective assets and those without market value in an environmentally safe way and in accordance with applicable local country laws.

Our comprehensive services cover COLTECOM
and non-COLTECOM equipment, minimising both the costs and the burden of administration, enabling you to maximise the revenue of unwanted IT. Asset Recovery Solutions provides you with a very affordable one-stop shop for disposal.

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IT Asset Disposal for 250+

Comprehensive support for large enterprises.

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